Bull Elk Hunts

There is no other animal on earth quite like the Rocky Mountain Elk. Elk inhabit some of the most beautiful, remote places in Wyoming and we are lucky to have wilderness camps right outside their front door. We offer both archery and rifle hunts in our wilderness camps.

In Elk Area 45, we have a wilderness camp that is approximately 13 miles from the trailhead and a second lower camp that is only about 1 mile from the trailhead.
In our General Elk Area 67, we have a main base camp about 6 miles from the trailhead that we hunt from on both our archery and rifle hunts.

2020 Rates

East Fork Camp


1 on 1 – $6,750

2 on 1 – $6,350


Week 1 – $6,850

Week 2 or 3 – $6,750

Bighorn Camp (Area 45)

Archery – $6,950

Rifle – $6,950

Cow Elk – $2,850